• Florence Bellone

    Special Radio Prize


    This radio report poses tough questions for the UK government, forcing the listener to consider the role of the state in family life. Florence Bellone brings to light the startling fact that each year more than 10 000 children are removed from their families and placed either in care or with an adoptive family by the UK social services.

    Featuring sub-themes touching upon human rights and the freedom of the press, Bellone highlights an issue that, she asserts, is being actively suppressed by the authorities. The practice of ‘forced adoption’ is, she says, carried out under the pretence of child protection.

    Broadcast on RTBF, the report implicates government as well as the private sector, accusing both of furthering institutionalised corruption by sponsoring what Bellone characterises as unjustified incursions into the family domain.


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    Great Britain: The Stolen Children

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    The Grand Jury distinguished the report for its investigative merit in highlighting a human rights issue occurring in a highly-developed European Member State. The piece was characterised as ‘a technically impressive, investigative report into shocking and relatively unknown human rights violations’.

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